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Serre Chevalier Immobilier : Our story

Our main preoccupation is your needs !
We guarantee : 
- A close relationship with visitors
- Taking into account their opinion
- Suggestions and regularly forwarding information
- A personalized client access via this website and great local expertise : Frenny Mather and her team know Serre Chevalier Valley exceptionnally well. Extremely dynamic, we have a great sense of client service.

We insist on high quality : 
All our services and apartments must meet specific quality criteria (general state of accomodation, level of comfort, quality of services in the apartments...). This bespoke service is the key to a succesful, comfortable and stress-free holiday.
Serre Chevalier Immobilier is, above all, opportunity to experience a carefree holiday without worrying about the logistical constraints of equipment, food or household matters.

Services and guarantees

language Member of the FNAIM network
downhill_skiing XXL ski area
bed Confort standard
euro Rent at the right price
key A conciergerie service